CFB generator success

The world’s largest circulating fluidised-bed steam generator has successfully started operating at the Lagisza power plant in Poland.

The world’s largest circulating fluidised-bed (CFB) steam generator has successfully started operating at the Lagisza power plant, owned by Polish utility company, Poludniowy Koncern Energetyczny (PKE).

Foster Wheeler’s Global Power Group provided the turnkey supply of the boiler island for the plant, including engineering and design, erection, civil work, start-up, and commissioning.

The Lagisza CFB, which produces 460MWe of electricity, replaces 1960s-era pulverised coal units at the power plant and was built adjacent to the old boilers. Many existing plant systems, including coal handling and water treatment, were renovated for use with the new CFB unit, which also incorporates vertical-tube supercritical steam technology.

Unlike conventional steam generators that burn the fuel in a large high-temperature flame, CFB technology does not have burners or a flame within its furnace.

The CFB uses fluidisation technology to mix and circulate fuel particles with limestone as they burn in a low-temperature combustion process. The limestone captures the sulphur oxides as they are formed, while the low burning temperature minimises the formation of nitrogen oxides.

CFBs are suitable for new power plants as well as the refurbishment of older power plants and often do not require secondary emission-control systems.

Foster Wheeler-designed CFBs have been installed in more than 350 applications around the world, with steadily increasing gains in unit capacity. The company is currently offering even larger (600Mwe and 800Mwe) versions of the CFB.