Chamber test for fire engine

The MoD recently used Qinetiq’s whole vehicle chamber for electromagnetic testing as part of a ‘midlife update’ for one of its fire engines.

The vehicle, an MoD specialist utility vehicle IPT, had to be electromagnetically tested to Defence Standard 59-41 after the installation of new electronic systems, transmission and engine. The work was completed by Qinetiq’s Electromagnetic and Environmental Services (EMES) Group at its test suite in Chertsey, Surrey.

‘As part of the update the vehicle had to be tested and requalified to ensure it continued to meet operational electromagnetic environment and emission requirements, both in the UK and overseas,’ said Peter Tanner, managing director of Qinetiq’s system evaluation services.

System susceptibility to external RF and RF emissions testing is said to be critical for all vehicles and sub-systems to ensure they perform as expected at all times and don’t cause problems to other users.

Qinetiq’s Chertsey facility is United Kingdom Accreditation Service accredited and equipped with high-power amplifiers and emissions measuring equipment. It is 16m x6mx8m with 5mx5m double access doors and has extensive exhaust and heat extraction capabilities.

Its 60-tonne floor loading capacity means even the heaviest Challenger II tanks can been accommodated.