Charity begins at MACH

With one day of MACH still to run, visitors and exhibitors have raised £2700 towards MTA Chief Executive Officer James Selka’s charity bike ride on behalf of Help for Heroes.

The cash has been raised by donations collected at a stand in Hall 7 made available to Help for Heroes by the MTA. Further amounts were raised in the organisers’ office, where exhibitors kindly donated a sum in lieu of a car parking charge.

“We have been bowled over by the generosity of the exhibitors and visitors at MACH 2018,” said Selka, who will embark on the 300-mile Big Battlefield Bike Ride 2018 in June. “I consider it a great privilege to have the opportunity to ride alongside some of our injured veterans who put their lives at risk in our name. I wish to thank all those who donated for such a deserving cause – it will really spur me on in June.”

James is part of a four-man team called MAMIL Tour de France aiming to raise a total of £11,000. If you wish to help them hit this target, please visit James’ JustGiving fundraising page at

Help for Heroes supports the wounded, injured and sick to live independent and fulfilling lives. It believes that those who put their lives on the line for us deserve a second chance at life for them and their families. The money you donate, and the time you give, allows Help for Heroes to help them regain their purpose, reach their potential and have a positive impact on society.


Graham Surgenor, CNC Machinist, Dontaur Precision Engineering

What does Dontaur do?

We’re a supplier of precision components, particularly to aerospace, based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Why have you chosen to visit MACH?

I came to see the technology, to see if there’s anything new or different. It’s nice to see it in real life and see the machines running, see them actually cutting metal. There’s always something new and interesting to see. I come every year it’s on.

Are you looking at anything in particular?

Mainly CNC turning machines and 5-axis milling machines. The technology has changed since I was last here – there have been big changes in the controls and software on some of the machines.

David Calder, MD, Ironspray Ltd, Cwmbran

What has brought you to visit MACH?

We are toolmakers. I particularly wanted to see some grinding machines and workholding equipment.

Did you find what you were looking for?

I have managed to see some equipment which I think will be suitable for us and have also had a long chat with Renishaw about the automatic checking of the machines. It’s been a successful show.

When buying equipment, is it important for you to be able to evaluate different suppliers at an event such as MACH and look them straight in the eye?

Oh yes! Not just that, but you see people that you didn’t even know existed. In fact, one of the workholding devices is from someone I didn’t even know existed – they had something which is the closest thing to what I wanted.

Gareth Holmes, Design Engineer, RPI, Bath

What is RPI?

It stands for Rotary Precision Instruments. We do variations of rotary tables for metrology applications.

What attracts you to MACH?

Just a general outing by the design office to come here.

Was there specific technology that caught your eye at MACH?

I just came along to look at things in general – it’s the first time I’ve been to something like this. I’m interested in the robotics side of things and there was almost too much to take in here! A lot of interesting stuff.

What are your impressions of the show?

Very good – the exhibits are very impressive.