China rail and power deals for Alstom

Alstom has signed major agreements in its two business areas of rail transport equipment and power generation during French President Jacques Chirac’s visit to China. 


These include the supply of 500 locomotives worth €300m and hydro-electricity generation equipment to the value of €100m.


Alstom signed a letter of intent with the Minister of the Chinese railways, M. Liu Zhijun, to manufacture the world’s most powerful electric freight locomotives. The overall value of this contract totals €1.2bn, with Alstom’s share worth €300m and its Chinese partner’s, Datong Electric Locomotives, some €900m.


The contract covers 500 ‘Co-Co’ (triple axle) locomotives based on Alstom Transport’s Prima 6000. These locomotives will feature AC-powered engines, with a nominal power of 9600KW, enabling speeds of 120km when hauling up to 8000 metric tonnes.


Alstom has also signed three contracts with Chinese partners to supply hydro-electric equipment for pumped storage plants located in Hohhot (Inner Mongolia) and Pushihe (Liaoning province) and for the Longkou hydro plant in the Shanxi province, for a total of €100m.


Contracts for the Hohhot and Pushihe power plants have been signed with the Dongfang and Harbin companies respectively, and cover the supply of main equipment for four 300MW turbogenerators for each of these two plants.


The Longkou power plant contract has been signed with JME Engineering Company, for the Yellow River Wanjiazhai Hydro Corporation, to supply four 100MW turbogenerators.