Closing the cracks

ABAQUS, the Providence, RI-based FEA software developer has developed a new add-on for its software suite called VCCT for ABAQUS.

The new software is a refined implementation of the Virtual Crack Closure Technique (VCCT), a technology that Boeing developed for predicting fracture and failure in laminated composite materials.

The software allows engineers to identify the overall load at which a crack initiates and to predict the behaviour of the structure as the crack propagates.

VCCT for ABAQUS also helps users understand the stability and load-carrying capacity of the composite structure after failure, a vital assessment for ensuring the durability and damage-tolerance of aerospace components.

“Accurate prediction of crack growth in composite parts is required for aerospace engineering,” says Dr. Hyonny Kim, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, PurdueUniversity.

“Fracture mechanics analysis involves complex calculations that allow us to determine when a composite structure will fail and whether a crack will propagate. The latest VCCT capability in ABAQUS helps engineers predict failure in composite parts so they can create designs that are more tolerant to damage.”