Coatings contract

Rolls-Royce is about to embark on a US Navy research contract to evaluate UCT Coatings’ UltraCem nickel boron coatings on naval propulsion systems.

A strategic alliance between Rolls-Royce and UCT Coatings is bringing new technology to the marine market and is about to start work on a $7m US Navy research contract.

The contract, placed with Rolls-Royce, will evaluate UCT’s UltraCem nickel boron coatings on naval propulsion systems.

According to Rolls-Royce, these coatings have the capability to change the hydrodynamic performance, cavitation characteristics and sea-growth fouling of propellers and waterjets.

Performance, reliability and time between repair of marine equipment can also be increased by reduced friction and wear.

UCT has granted Rolls-Royce a long-term exclusive license to use this technology for a range of commercial and naval marine equipment.

‘This research contract will allow us to improve many current products and develop several new product concepts,’ said Andy Marsh, President of Rolls-Royce US naval operations. ‘We also intend to work closely with our customers to apply this technology on non-Rolls-Royce equipment.’