Coming home to all-in-one security

Siemens has developed a home security device combining a range of monitoring systems — from movement detectors to gas leak alarms — in a single package.

Sintony 60, which can be operated centrally or remotely, is also equipped with a panic button to enable users to contact emergency services.

The core of the new modularly-constructed system is a base device that can be installed anywhere in the home. Sintony 60 can then be connected to control centres via cable or radio link.

Based on a standard protocol, Sintony 60 is compatible with other manufacturers’ devices. Once the system’s detectors are connected, users can immediately set and activate all functions via a menu.

Sintony 60 also comes equipped with a phone connection. When the emergency call button on the remote control is pushed, the device will dial up to eight pre-stored phone numbers. If the first number is busy, the device keeps dialling until help is reached.

Peace of mind: the Sintony 60

Using a so-called ‘access control module’, the device informs absent parents when their offspring come home. Special house keys are furnished with an individual code and stored in the system.

When a door is opened, the system recognises a child’s code and contacts the parents via phone or SMS.