Ansoft Simplorer® v7 SV

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Simplorer® v7 SV is a full-featured version of Ansoft’s commercially distributed Simplorer with a limit only on the size of problems that can be solved. Simplorer is sophisticated multi-technology system simulation software widely used by automotive, aerospace, and power electronics systems designers. Simplorer SV is ideal for engineering students studying topics in power electronics, drive technology, electromagnetic actuators and electric machine design, controls, transportation technology, micro machining, mechatronics, and sensor systems. Ansoft offers Simplorer SV to foster and encourage the development of engineering skills throughout the multi-technology systems design community.

Simplorer SV supports the IEEE industry standard VHDL-AMS, a powerful multi-domain, analog, digital, and mixed-signal modeling language for the design of various complex technical systems. Simplorer SV also includes examples specifically designed for topics commonly studied at the junior, senior, and graduate levels.

To download Simplorer® v7 SV please click here.