Biodiesel power for Lincolnshire

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The government has given the green light for Helius Energy to build a 65MW biomass outside Stallingborough in north east Lincolnshire.

Construction plans are phased, with the power station being built first followed by the processing plant which will produce approximately 250,000 tonnes of bioethanol and 100,000 tonnes of biodiesel per year to be used for transport.

An estimated completion date has not been announced, but when in full operation, the plant could produce enough green energy to power the equivalent of about 100,000 homes.

Energy minister Malcolm Wicks said: ‘This is another stepping stone towards powering a greener, cleaner UK. Not only does it help tackle climate change and increase secure supplies of energy, but the building and running of this biomass plant will also provide jobs in Lincolnshire.

‘This announcement takes us closer to achieving our proposed renewable energy targets. We have doubled the amount of renewable electricity to 5 per cent over the last few years and later this month we will be launching our consultation on how we can drive this forward even further.’

The power station will initially be fuelled by waste wood, specially grown crops and the leftovers from timber processing activities sourced from the UK and Europe.

The development includes wildlife conservation measures, with an area of approximately 20 hectares specifically set aside for birds and water voles.