DML awarded MoD vehicle contract

Plymouth-based DML has been awarded a £30m contract by the MoD for 130 weapon-mounted patrol vehicles which will be used by troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to the MoD, the MWMIK vehicles (Mobility Weapon Mounted Installation Kit) boast a top speed of 129kph and will offer increased mobility and protection.

The vehicle can be fitted with a range of firepower, including a .50 calibre machine gun or an automatic grenade launcher and a general-purpose machine gun.

The MWMIK can carry up to four soldiers with their individual weapons, and can operate on a variety of terrains, including off road.

The MWMIK will be produced at DML's Devonport dockyard facility, based on a design from Supacat. Universal Engineering will manufacture the chassis, Cummings the engine, and Allison the transmission.