National Instruments Multisim 11 Simplifies Circuit Simulation for Teaching and Design

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New Academic and Professional Software Versions Foster Learning and Streamline Prototyping


Jan. 13, 2010 – National Instruments (Nasdaq: NATI) has introduced Multisim 11, the latest version of its circuit simulation software, with specialised editions for both hands-on learning and professional circuit design. The easy-to-use Multisim software delivers a graphical approach that abstracts the complexities of traditional circuit simulation, helping educators, students and engineers employ advanced circuit analysis technology.

The academic edition of Multisim 11 incorporates specialised teaching features and is complemented by circuits textbooks and courseware. This integrated system helps educators engage students and reinforce circuit theory with an interactive, hands-on approach to investigating circuit behaviour. Widely implemented throughout academia, technical colleges and four-year universities choose Multisim for its interactive components, simulation-driven instruments and integration to real-world analogue and digital measurements.

Multisim 11 Professional
helps engineers optimise circuit designs, minimise errors and reduce prototype iterations. When combined with the newNI Ultiboard 11 layout and routing software, Multisim provides engineers a cost-effective, end-to-end prototyping platform. Its integration with NI LabVIEWmeasurement software also helps engineers define custom analyses to improve design validation.

Key benefits of Multisim 11 include the following:

Multisim 11 Academic
— Simplify digital circuits teaching by exporting raw VHDL from a programmable logic device (PLD) schematic
— Guide hands-on electronics experiments with new educator-requested AC single-frequency analysis
— Correlate simulated data with real-world measurements by integrating with theNI Electronic Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS)educational prototyping platform

Multisim 11 Professional
­­ Simulate better with SPICE parser improvements, updated BSIM models, support for advanced parameters and enhanced digital simulation accuracy
— Prototype easier and ensure design synchronisation and transparency with enhanced forward/backward annotation from the Multisim schematic to an Ultiboard layout
— Improve design communication with on-page connectors and a new WYSIWYG net naming system

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National Instruments in Academia
National Instruments is committed to enhancing engineering and science education worldwide by providing educators and students with powerful graphical system design software, intuitive teaching tools, and modular hardware to connect the curriculum with the real world. Professors and students benefit from powerful, professional tools such as NI LabVIEW graphical development software and NI Multisim, which helps students visualise and implement engineering concepts. The integration of LabVIEW in the classroom creates an effective, dynamic learning environment – from LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education NXT in primary schools to research laboratories in universities. NI also offers an Academic Site License to provide educators, researchers and students discounted rates on NI products. For more information about NI academic products, curriculum resources and discounts, visit

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