Parker provides Rapier hydraulics

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Parker Hannifin’s Hydraulic technology and fluid contamination monitoring systems are playing a key role in MBDA’s Rapier FSC Weapon System

Hydraulic technology and fluid contamination monitoring systems produced at

Parker Hannifin’s

Warwick factory is playing a key role in


Rapier FSC Weapon System.

MBDA, formerly known as Matra BAe Dynamics, is a missile and missile systems specialist that manufactures the Rapier weapon. The Rapier FSC is designed to combat airborne threats. It consists of a launcher with eight ready-to-fire MK2 missiles and a passive electro optical (EO) device. It boasts 3D surveillance radar that can track and prioritise over 75 targets simultaneously, and a high-resolution all-weather radar tracker. The system is designed to be portable, and can be towed behind a military vehicle or airlifted.

To keep the unit portable, the Rapier FSC uses a compact, two-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine, which is used to power the system electronics and the hydraulics via a hydraulic pump. The combined hydraulics and electronics use specialised components, many of which were custom built, including the pump, alternator, transformer rectifier unit, relay box and control and monitoring system.

The complete power plant is was developed and is manufactured at Parker’s factory in Warwick, and is supplied fully assembled and tested n a lightweight bonded aluminium honeycomb pod. This is designed to be mounted quickly and simply into the trailer unit by MBDA.

MBDA is also using Parker’s CM20 white light portable particle counter for mentoring the condition of the hydraulic fluids used in the Rapier FSC. The CM20 is used as part of the company’s factory based final quality control checks to endure the systems meet cleanliness standards, and is also used in field repairs and maintenance.