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“Solid contacts on each day of the show with visitors keen to check out the automated solutions we have on offer. Both new and existing customers have come to the Stand. It’s been a positive PDM for us.”

Ricky Thompson, Director, Hi-Tech Automation


“Telford is the UK's polymer centre, recognised as a beacon for attracting leading edge companies in the industry.  We are always keen to raise the profile of our local polymer companies through the Polymer Central brand, ensuring that Telford builds on and maintains its international reputation within the polymer sector.”

Sarah Raper, Chief Executive, Transforming Telford


“PDM provided us with a great opportunity to announce to the polymer industry our focus on the moulding side of our business. Telford is the ideal environment for a polymer business to grow with a concentration of other polymer-related businesses presenting opportunities for development, collaboration and access to a strong local supply chain.”

Geoff Gamage, Business Development Executive, Maxell


“PDM08 provided us with a steady stream of activity, interest and visitors. We were delighted with the concentration of new customers visiting the stand, representing moulders, mould-makers and processors. This was the perfect place for the launch of our new hot runner technology and Telford itself is a great venue”.

Simon Cowlishaw, Packaging Market Manager, Husky Injection Molding Systems (UK)


“Very, very good. This is the first time we’ve exhibited at PDM and we’ve generated good leads from the moulders and toolmakers who we wanted to reach. Company directors and senior buyers were out in force. It’s been a fantastic show.”

John Applebee, Managing Director, Hales Tool & Die 


“We designed our Stand with PDM firmly in mind – compact, accessible, and very high quality. We’ve taken enquiries from prospective newcomers, in truth, people we didn’t expect to be here, alongside plenty of existing customers. And the quality of visitor has been universally high.”

Alan Moules, Commercial Director, Plastribution


“We’re extremely pleased with the very high percentage of designers who’ve visited our Stand. A good number of trade moulders too. The mix is perfect for us. The conference programme was also a highlight. We sponsored the Design Trends debate which was intelligent, thought-provoking and packed full of delegates from the design and moulding sector. The medical design session was also hugely relevant. All in all, a very good and very busy PDM!”

Philip Watkins, Managing Director, Gabriel-Chemie   


“We wanted to meet toolmakers, prototypers, mouldmakers and product designers. Having never exhibited before anywhere we looked very carefully at PDM before committing to a Stand. We’ve been proved right, meeting the right people, generating good quality sales leads and even taking an order on the stand”.

Adrian Curtis, Director, In-CAD Services


“It’s been a relatively busy show for Ultrapolymers. The enquiry numbers are very good, especially so on the Wednesday and the Thursday. However, the devil is in the detail and it’s now up to us convert these leads into real business”.

David Viehoff, Managing Director, Ultrapolymers


“This is a nice, intimate and focussed event. The people we’ve seen on the Stand are the decision-makers we wanted to see, mostly Managing Director or Technical Director level. They’re definitely not token collectors. It compares well to the last PDM”.

Neil Moseley, Managing Director, Hasco


“A very good and interesting show. Lots of quality people, with visitors serious about buying product. Very enjoyable and Telford is a wonderful place to be.”

Sally Bailey, PR & Marketing, Summit Systems


“The quality of visitors coming to PDM is very high, with the typical profile being senior management. That’s good. The exhibition venue also works really well.

Guy Hamer, UK Sales Manager, Moretto UK


“This event has been a huge success for us. We expected to generate between 30 or 40 enquiries for our sustainable Natraplast product and instead we’ve been overwhelmed with more than 100 serious, positive leads. It’ll probably be even higher when the show’s over.   The interest is across the board from designers and moulders, with particular interest from the automotive industry. PDM has exceeded our expectations. We’re really thrilled with our experience.”

Dave Turner, Business Development Manager, W T L International


“PDM just gets better and better. The quality is excellent and for four hours yesterday we were swamped on the Stand. Lots of quality, decision-makers too. It’s been the right place for us to launch our new equipment and we’ve already booked for PDM 09.”

Paddy Green, Marketing Director, Premier Moulding Machinery


“We have been very pleasantly surprised by PDM. Buyers and technical service specialists looking for quality moulding tools have sought us out, and the event has certainly put us on the map. It’s been wonderful.”

Fred Meiers, Consultant, New Star Mold


“We’ve launched a new hot runner at PDM and the response has been excellent. Potential new customers as well as people we know have come to the stand with the intention to buy. PDM is a fine show.”

Chris Whitlam, National Sales Manager, Sandretto


“Enquiries are 20% up on the last PDM which is great news. The quality of these enquiries is also very high with a good number of designers and specifiers keen to talk about real opportunities and live projects.”

Glen Barber, Business Development Leader, DuPont (U.K.)


“The increased interest in recycling has helped generate traffic to the Aurora Stand. We’ve seen a wide variety of good quality people. PDM is a very worthwhile event”.

Alex Cook, Director, Aurora Manufacturing






“We came to PDM with an open mind and have enjoyed a very good show. Wittman took over Battenfeld just before the event, so it’s worked well in helping us communicate key messages to customers over the continuation of supply and service. Surprisingly good has been the level of enquiries we’ve taken for new business.”

Barry Hill, Managing Director, Wittmann (UK)


“We’ve generated really good enquiries from a cross section of the plastics design and moulding supply chain. The business that’s here is high quality and looking to buy. It’s my view that you get out of a show what you put in. We’ve invested in PDM, and the event’s been great for us”.

Mark Guyett, Managing Director, Mould Shop


“Great space and terrific organisation, with visitors of interest and the right quality”

Just in’t Velt, Business Development & Marketing Director


 “PDM’s been great for us. We’ve met new suppliers and new customers which is precisely what we’re looking for.”

Neil Croucher, Product Manager, Hellyar Plastics


“A fantastic show. The quality of leads is terrific. Designers have been coming on to the stand with drawings, looking for our input and expertise to help them with their materials selection. Lots of newcomers to Distrupol as well.”

John Brenchley, Marketing and Product Manager, Distrupol


“PDM is a very rewarding event. The visitors to our stand are of a high standard. They tend to be designers with genuine product ideas who seek our help and advice to realise them. These are the people who we want to meet and build relationships with. The show itself is professionally organised and well marketed. We’ve had another positive PDM experience.”

Ian Mills, Managing Director, Albis (UK)


“This was our first time at PDM and the event is much better and bigger than we thought it would be. We’ve taken some good quality enquiries for high efficiency chillers and temperature control solutions and now it’s down to us to convert these opportunities into real business.”

Andy Legg Sales Director, Coolmation


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