Rotalink adds new RE series high torque, rare earth brushed DC motors

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Crewkerne UK – September 2010: Rotalink has launched a range of high-torque brushed DC motors with neodymium rare earth magnets. The new RE series delivers at least twice the maximum shaft power of similar sized permanent magnet DC motors and are a cost effective option where increased dynamic performance and/or small size are important application factors. The low cogging design uses very thin and lightweight neodymium magnets with high density windings and a 6-slot core for smooth motion and an excellent torque to inertia ratio.

The long life RE series motors are available in diameters of 15, 24 and 30mm with nominal voltages of 12 and 24 VDC. Through the range, maximum motor power is from 2.0 W to 29 W and maximum stall torque from 9 to 299 mNm.

These new motors are sourced from global distribution partners as a part of Rotalink’s strategy to maintain competitive pricing for commodity components and combine them with its own innovative designs for gearbox, motor feedback and motion control technologies to enable low-cost miniature rotary power transmission solutions up to 28 Nm and linear motion solutions to 50 N.

Rotalink’s manufactured range includes planetary and spur gearbox designs that feature a selection of steel and/or polymer gears on sintered or ball bearings in a wide choice of output torque ratings. The range also includes unique ovoid style gearboxes that combine spur gears with ultra-polymer planetary stages for extremely high torque  output  in very compact designs. This flexibility allows customers to exactly match their performance requirements from motor type through to performance characteristics without compromising cost.

Rotalink also manufacture incremental and absolute encoder feedback devices along with speed controls and innovative motion controls including Red Drive - a powerful DC motor drive with drag-and-drop flow chart programming for motion control including encoder feedback for motors up to 200 Watts.

The RE series motors are included in Rotalink’s new and revised full range catalogue which includes two other new DC motor ranges ( heavy case and brushless) in addition to  several new gearbox lines and new absolute encoders, and a brushless version of Rotalink’s Red Drive motion controller.