C2I 2021: Automotive shortlist

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Shortlisted finalists in the

automotive category addressed autonomous public transport solutions, vehicle security, electric motorcycle design, and the coming together of the gaming industry with automotive designers

C2I 2021Category: Automotive

Project: Application of games technology in automotive digital tools

Partners: Epic Games with BMW Group

The collaboration between Epic Games and BMW provides a benchmark for the introduction of a new generation of joined-up digital tools that is needed to address pressing industry challenges. The relationship demonstrates the best aspects of collaboration: skills transfer from a complementary sector, a complementary vision that adds value, and a roadmap for further development so the collaboration and its many benefits continues to expand.

BMW’s wide-ranging implementations of Unreal Engine also provides Epic Games with insights into the automotive industry’s requirements, leading to additional features that will be of value to all businesses in the sector.

C2I 2021Category: Automotive

Project: CAVForth

Partners: Fusion Processing with Stagecoach Group Plc, Alexander Dennis, Transport Scotland, Naipier University and Bristol Robotics Lab

CAVForth is the world’s most ambitious and complex autonomous bus pilot.

The project has five partners: Fusion Processing Ltd (lead partner, providing autonomous tech), Stagecoach Plc (bus service operator), Alexander Dennis Ltd (vehicle manufacturer), Transport Scotland (road authority), Napier University (societal research) and Bristol Robotics Laboratory (simulations).

The project will roll out a fleet of five fully autonomous full sized buses, operating a scheduled service across the Forth Road Bridge. The 14-mile each way (22.5Km) route runs from the Ferrytoll Park and Ride in Fife, across the Forth Road Bridge Public Transport Corridor, to Edinburgh Park, carrying up to 10,000 passengers per week.

C2I 2021Category: Automotive

Project: Vehicle security operations centres for type approval compliance:

Partners: HORIBA MIRA with BT

In January 2021, UNECE Regulation 155 came into force, making it mandatory for vehicle manufacturers to not only implement cybersecurity engineering best practice, but also monitor, detect and respond to cybersecurity attacks, threats and vulnerabilities throughout the life of all new vehicles sold.

HORIBA MIRA and BT have collaborated over a three-year period to define, develop and bring to market a solution to the new regulation, founded on the development and operation of Vehicle Security Operations Centres (V-SOCs), which will detect and mitigate security threats for vehicle manufacturers, the tiered supply chain and fleet operators.

C2I 2021Category: Automotive

Project: Warwick Moto

Partners: WMG Warwick Manufacturing Group, Catapult & Norton Motorcycles with MIVOLT, Michelin, PWR, Dymag, Laserlines, Wraptastic, Rock West Composites, Xometry, Renthal, Pro-Bolt, embed, R&G, HEL, RS Components and BLK

The collaborative effort of the Warwick Moto student team has been at the forefront of electric motorcycle innovation, creating an optimal electric superbike package. Despite consisting primarily of students, all work conducted by the team has been to a highly professional standard.

The innovations in immersion cooling and welding techniques will have substantial impacts on both the manufacturing and automotive sector, simultaneously improving quality and durability of electric motorcycles for the foreseeable future. The hard work of the team has paid dividends, and was only feasible through a large collaborative effort, depicting the ideal model for any future research projects.