Metaldyne has been awarded a $70m contract from a global automaker to supply chassis products for multiple 2007-2008 model-year cars and trucks.

The first program is currently in production in the United States; the second begins production in Mexico later this year; and, a third launches in China in 2008.

Metaldyne will supply front and rear knuckle assemblies and front lower control arm assemblies that are said to reduce cost, weight and complexity, and improve noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

The knuckle assemblies integrate the brake system with the suspension and the control arms control the stiffness and movement of the suspension for a smooth ride.

‘The real value is in the design process,’ said Joe Nowak, president of Metaldyne's Chassis Group. "For example, we're able to simplify the system by integrating ball joints into the assemblies.’