ACAL unveils fuel cell system

1 min read

Runcorn-based ACAL Energy has demonstrated a new type of fuel cell system based on its proprietary recirculating liquid cathode technology.

ACAL operated the 50W fully integrated multi-cell system incorporating the technology, dubbed FlowCath, for the first time last week. The company claimed the system produced even higher power levels than expected.

The FlowCath system replaces the standard and expensive platinum cathode found in conventional fuel cells with a liquid non-precious metal catalyst system. This reduces the cost of the cell and humidifies the membrane naturally, eliminating the need for additional hydration systems, and better managing the heat which is generated.

ACAL claims its FlowCath technology will increase the commercial uptake of fuel cells by making them cheaper and more reliable.

The company’s next step will be to scale up the 50W system to a 1kW unit, and run the system to test its long-term durability.