Adrenaline Rush with EMC

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There is a brand new four wheel drive sports car on the streets of Britain! Conceived by Newquay based Adrenaline Motorsports, the Murtaya is a stunningly styled, high performance car that has been carefully designed for optimum speed performance and aesthetic appearance.

The latest technology has been used to ensure that every detail has been meticulously planned and engineered, from the turbocharged Subaru engine to the grilles, which were specifically designed by The Expanded Metal Company. 

“We wanted a bespoke mesh grille that would meet our requirements in terms of both fit and visual appeal,” explains Neil Yates, MD at Adrenaline. EMC supplied edge section and pattern samples to the company and devised a bespoke design solution. The versatility of the expanded metal mesh allowed it to be moulded to fit the framework of the car exactly, and with such a vast range of pattern combinations available, Adrenaline had a massive choice of options.

“The overriding impression of the Murtaya is that it gives spectacular performance and that it looks amazing, whether it is driven to work, on weekends away or for shopping,” continues Neil. “Every detail on the car, however small had to meet the most exacting quality standards and the specification of the EMC expanded metal mesh grilles to the front, sides and rear of the car enhances its overall appeal whilst still providing the required functionality.”

Working closely with the requirements of each individual client, EMC is able to devise solutions using expanded metal mesh for a variety of application needs. “This was a particularly exciting project to work on,” comments Carl Rogers of EMC. “The functional properties of expanded metal mesh are well known. Aesthetically, employing expanded metal mesh for car components demonstrates the versatility of the material and its suitability for the automotive industry to be used as a design medium in its own right.”


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