AI at swimming pools could help save lives

Swimming pool safety could be enhanced with AI that alerts lifeguards when a swimmer is in difficulty and requires assistance.


The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK), Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) and Lynxight, a pool safety assisted lifeguard technology company based in Israel, have conducted a six-month trial of the solution that works with a building’s security cameras.

Lynxight's technology combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and swimmer behaviour analysis with standard security cameras to deliver real-time insights above and below the water, directly to a smartwatch worn by the lifeguard. It continuously monitors pool users and promptly alerts lifeguards via smartwatches about anyone who may require assistance.

In a statement, Robert Gofton, CEO of RLSS UK, said: "After several years of investigating how technology and AI would impact lifeguarding and lifesaving, we are thrilled to announce this partnership with Lynxight. We believe this system will elevate swimming pool safety, making pools even safer for everyone."


During the trial by GLL, they were able to adapt, test and refine the system to meet the stringent needs of UK pool operators. Enhanced metrics generated also helped to optimise swimming pool operations, including real-time insights into pool usage, swimmer numbers, and detailed data for each lane or pool area. GLL is now planning to install the Lynxight system in a number of its swimming pools over the coming months.

Chris Hebblewhite, national standards and compliance director at GLL said, "Assisted Lifeguarding Technology is about making pools even safer for everyone, and this 'UK first' between RLSS UK, GLL and Lynxight, represents a huge step forward. With this landmark collaboration, we are leading the integration of technology and lifeguarding expertise to create a safer environment for all pool users.” 

For GLL, it is the first major initiative to be developed by its new Product Innovation Campus, which brings together physical infrastructure, equipment, content, programming, digital tools, and strategic partnerships.

Omer Bar-Ilan, CEO and co-founder of Lynxight said: “Lynxight's mission is to offer affordable access to the most advanced AI safety platform for use in the water, and we look forward to working with UK's swimming pool lifeguards and operators."