Alcatel awarded train safety contract

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Alcatel has been awarded a contract to install safety and communications systems for the railway bypass around Burgos, Spain, a section of the North-Northwest high-speed corridor. The €12.4 million project was awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Transport will be implemented over the next two years.

The contract involves Alcatel equipping the entire Avila-Valladolid-Burgos-Vitoria line with the its signalling technology. Alcatel will deploy electronic interlocking solutions (Alcatel 6151 LockTrac/INTERSIG L905 E) including video graphic systems for Burgos station and Villafría's junction, and the associated two-way automatic block systems.

Additionally, Alcatel will install track circuits, new light signals, punctual ATP system, electro-hydraulic point machines Alcatel 6341 FieldTrac/L700H and communications equipment. It will also install a new high voltage line for power supply, and will undertake the associated civil works.

Alcatel has already installed equipment for high-speed lines in Spain, including Madrid-Sevilla, Madrid-Saragossa-Lerida, Lerida-Barcelona, Madrid-Segovia-Valladolid and Cordoba-Malaga lines, and the Atlantic Axis.