Alstom enters Brazilian wind market

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Alstom has signed a €100m (£83.5m) contract with the Brazilian renewable power generating company, Desenvix - a subsidiary of the Engevix engineering group - to build a 90MW wind complex in Bahia, Brazil.

With the working name of ’Brotas’, the complex will consist of three wind farms - Macaubas, Novo Horizonte and Seabra - and represents Alstom’s first contract in the Brazilian wind market.

Under the terms and conditions of the contract, Alstom will provide 57 ECO 86 wind turbines of 1.67MW each, for which the main components will be manufactured in Spain and Brazil and assembled on the three wind farms. Commissioning of the farms is planned for July 2011.

The contract follows a memorandum of intent signed in December 2009 by Alstom and the government of the State of Bahia to install the first wind turbine assembly factory in the country. Located in Camaçari, it will be fully operational by mid 2011.

Alstom and Engevix are long-term partners and have been working together for more than 30 years, having previously participated in hydroelectric projects in the country.

Brazil’s power generation is based mainly on hydroelectric power plants, representing 77 per cent of the country’s installed generation capacity and generating 90 per cent of the power produced.