Anodes from Norway

Alcoa has opened a new plant in Mosjoen, Norway to manufacture anodes for use in the aluminium smelting process.

The facility will produce anodes for Alcoa’s Fjardaal aluminum smelter in Iceland and its Mosjoen aluminum smelter in Norway.

Elkem Aluminium, which operates aluminum smelters in Mosjoen and Lista, Norway has a 36 per cent share in the plant.

Anodes from the new plant have already been delivered to the Mosjoen smelter and the first shipments to Fjardaal are expected to start this month.

Alcoa established a presence in Norway through a 1962 partnership with Elkem ASA.

Today, Elkem Aluminium NS, a partnership jointly owned by Orkla and Alcoa, operates smelters in Mosjoen and Lista and supplies the European aluminium market.

Alcoa's automotive casting operation in Lista, established in 1995, produces wheel suspension components for European automakers.