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New! Fully Automated Condition Assessment ReportsNew! Custom Applications

Cambridge – 27th April 2009 - Artesis, a leading supplier of intelligent predictive maintenance solutions, is pushing the boundaries of machine monitoring technology with its next generation solution. Delivering a range of powerful new functionality the Artesis MCM (Motor Condition Monitor) system now includes wireless technology for deployment in remote and inaccessible locations; fully automated condition assessment reports for even faster diagnostics; and the ability for engineers to easily and quickly customise the application for wider enterprise use.

Building on the success of the MCM system that has revolutionised automated fault diagnostics, Artesis has now integrated robust wireless technology, using intelligent GPRS modems, to allow the use of remote communications in condition monitoring. This allows cost-effective, easy installation of wireless monitoring stations at any site in remote, hazardous or inaccessible locations, while maintaining reliable and transparent access with centralised users via the Artesis communications server.

“This latest release packs a powerful punch in bringing a host of new automated fault diagnosis technologies to our users. Our commitment to R&D and product enhancements keeps us at the forefront of predictive maintenance, significantly reducing the need for specialist diagnostic skills and so extending the reach of our solutions to an even wider audience. All at the fraction of the effort and cost of conventional condition monitoring systems,” said Andy Bates, director at Artesis.

“We have had great demand for our wireless device for installation in remote and demanding applications particularly in the water, transportation, and oil and gas sectors,” Andy added.

Automated Condition Assessment
This latest release of the MCM product also includes powerful new software functionality that generates fully automated condition assessment reports on the equipment it is connected to within days of installation.

“The key benefit to our customers is that in-depth condition assessments containing detailed information about the nature and severity of all faults detected are automatically created and communicated to the team. More importantly, the reports also contain recommendations on the timescale of remedial actions, “ said Andy.

Faults detected include electrical defects such as supply problems and cracked rotor bars, mechanical defects in the motor and driven system including foundation defects, looseness, imbalance, misalignment, and bearing or gearbox deterioration.  The system can even assist in the identification of a range of operational problems such as cavitation in pumps and filter blocking in pumps and fans. Reports are clearly presented on the display panel have the added benefit of being emailed to nominated recipients allowing immediate action.

Fast, Easy User Definable Solution
The extensive capabilities of the Artesis predictive maintenance solution provide very powerful fault detection and identification, as well as detailed advisory information. The system’s remote SQL database now allows the transfer of this data to other software applications, enabling users to add functionality that is specific to their needs.  Custom enhancements might include special displays (such as mimic diagrams) and additional specialised processing to build customised capabilities.  Such processing might for example make use of the power quality and energy consumption data provided by the system to add considerable value to the predictive maintenance functions of the standard system.

About Artesis 
Artesis is a leading supplier of intelligent predictive maintenance solutions and has been offering its reliable and efficient range of products since 1999. Its technology has helped many customers around the world increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs. The Artesis team combines extensive experience in advanced product development with the successful application of advanced technology to the requirements of operations and maintenance professionals.

Artesis manufactures a range of intelligent condition monitoring products including the Motor Condition Monitor (MCM), and Plant Condition Monitor (PCM) instruments, and the MCMSCADA software package. These products are used for plant monitoring, predictive maintenance, and process optimization across multiple industries including the chemical and petrochemical, metal processing, power generation, pulp and paper, water, utilities, cement, food and beverage, automotive, textile, and maritime sectors. Artesis has a robust intellectual property portfolio of issued and pending patents internationally.

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