Astrium and Cisco to study uses of space-based routers

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Astrium Services and Cisco have signed a technology partnership agreement to study the applications of space-based routers.

Space-based routers have the potential to transfer vast amounts of data to multiple ground-based receivers in a single step, which Astrium believes would eliminate the need to pass through teleports and rapidly increase the speed of downloading.

Astrium and Cisco will initially focus on studying the space-based router that Cisco is testing on the Intelsat 14 satellite.

Paradigm, a supplier of military hardened satellite communications and a wholly owned subsidiary of Astrium, will work with Cisco on the first in a series of studies, due to be completed by January 2011.

Through this joint technology study, Astrium will look to provide a more diverse range of telecommunication services in remote areas that require rapid data transfers.

These could include crisis management situations, remote medical emergencies and mobile military operations.

This collaboration is also part of Astrium’s plan to involve external companies and academia in its strategy to develop services for commercial and military customers.