BAE’s vehicle system generates interest

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BAE Systems has developed a prototype advanced power management system designed to provide military tactical wheeled vehicles with substantial capacity to generate electric power.

The system is being displayed on a high-power, High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) this week at the Association of the US Army’s Winter Symposium and Exhibition in Fort Lauderdale. The power system on the demonstrator HMMWV delivers sufficient electricity to operate subsystems such as electronic warfare, situational awareness, communications, and vehicle prognostics and diagnostics.

Using a permanent magnet generator, the system delivers up to 400 amps of 28V DC electric power at low engine speed. Its primary purpose is to provide enough on-board power to operate significant self-defence, weapon, countermeasures, and route-clearing systems. Additionally, it provides power for electrified automotive accessory systems, including water pump, engine fans, power steering pump and air conditioning, that were previously belt-driven.

Subsystems installed on the demonstrator vehicle at the exhibition include a multi-band antenna that can take the place of three conventional antennas, a radio based on rapidly reconfigurable radio technology and the Check-6 infrared camera system. The vehicle also features a vehicle emergency escape window to increase soldiers' safety.