BAE Systems reset Bradleys

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BAE Systems has been awarded a contract modification worth $709.4m by the US Army to reset Bradley fighting vehicles.

Combined with an earlier award of £234m for long lead materials and an option worth $57m, this represents over $1bn for the reset of the armoured ground vehicles.

Under the contract BAE will reset 1,042 Bradley A3 and Operation Desert Storm (ODS) Combat Systems returning from Iraq. The contract also carries the option for an additional 58 vehicles.

Andy Hove, vice-president of combat systems programs for BAE Systems, said: ‘This is the most significant reset effort ever awarded for Bradley Combat Systems and is vital to ensuring our soldiers have their highly survivable mobile and lethal Bradley systems back in top condition as soon as possible.’

The reset process extends the vehicles useful life and they also receive the latest upgrades to improve the vehicles functions.

The work will be completed within BAE’s public private partnership with Red River Army Depot (RRAD) and vehicle deliveries are scheduled to be completed by June 2009

According to BAE Systems, Bradley vehicles can be configured as an infantry fighting vehicle, cavalry fighting vheicle, fire support vehicle, battle command vehicle, and an engineer squad vehicle.