BAE Systems tests guided rocket

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BAE Systems has conducted a successful test flight of its 7cm guided rocket, the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS), demonstrating it can hit within two metres of a laser target.

The test, held in partnership with the US Navy program office, was the first with the APKWS in its production-ready configuration, an upgrade of the rocket system for the US Marine Corps.

APKWS is a low-cost precision rocket designed to be accurate and effective against soft to lightly armoured targets. It provides accuracy for the unguided Hydra-70 rockets, giving them the ability to home in on and destroy enemy targets while minimizing collateral damage.

APKWS is a joint-interest program with army and navy/marine corps participation. The Navy funded this test flight under its scope in the contract.

The primary objective of the May 8 test was to collect tactical guided rocket performance data. The test was the program’s eighth successful ground launch and the first using the system’s production-ready configuration. The army awarded the APKWS prime contract to BAE Systems in April 2006.