BAE Systems to build armour protection kits for ASVs

BAE Systems has been awarded a $21m order from Textron Marine and Land Systems (TM&LS) to build and deliver more than 420 armour protection kits for armoured security vehicles (ASVs).

This is a follow-on order to a contract for ASV armour panels valued at $10.5m that BAE Systems announced earlier in the year.

Under the agreement, BAE Systems will produce armour panels for the M1117 ASV, a turreted, lightly armoured, all-wheel-drive combat vehicle used by US Military Police and convoy security units.

The company is also building armour kits for the M1200 Armored Knight, an ASV variant equipped with a laser-guided sensor package designed for the precise laser targeting of munitions.

The BAE Systems appliqué armour panels will be installed at TM&LS and then the armoured ASVs will be delivered to the US Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command.

Work on the order will begin immediately at BAE Systems’ facilities in Phoenix, Arizona, with final deliveries expected to be completed by spring 2011.