Bioplastics in the sun

BioSolar has completed a prototype of an inexpensive bioplastic backsheet that can be used in solar-cell production.

BioSolar, the developer of a new technology that will allow bioplastic materials to be produced from renewable plant sources, has completed a prototype of its low-cost bioplastic backsheet.

A backsheet is the bottom layer of a solar cell or solar module that supports the cell array and its various layers. It needs to be durable and meet the stringent processing and installation requirements of solar cell applications.

In the past, conventional bio-based plastics have not been successfully used in solar cell applications, primarily due to their low melting point and fragile molecular structure.

The new backsheets will soon be available in rolls of film for direct use in lamination and roll-to-roll assembly systems.

The company estimates that using BioSolar backsheets could reduce costs by 50 per cent compared to using traditional backsheet materials.