Blanks mean business for Corus

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Corus’ Automotive Service Centre in Wednesfield has won a contract to supply precision-made tailor welded blanks for BMW’s MINI Clubman.


Automotive Service Centre has won another contract to supply precision-made tailor welded blanks for the BMW Group.

The contract requires Corus' Automotive Service Centre in Wednesfield, UK, to supply tailor welded blanks for three key parts for the MINI Clubman: the bodyside outer left hand and right hand and Club door inners.

Corus' Automotive Service Centre is already a long-term supplier to the MINI range, providing, amongst other components, the inner and outer sills for the manufacture of the MINI Convertible. The new parts will be manufactured on a blanking line at the Wednesfield facility.

‘Corus has invested significantly in downstream facilities at its Automotive Centre in Wednesfield, to enhance its press blanking line capability, in order to ensure it is in a position to meet the increasing demand from OEM customers, for tailor welded blanks and full-finish skin panel blanks ready for assembly,’ said Alan Hutchinson, general manager of the Automotive Service Centre

Corus' Automotive Service Centre possesses a comprehensive line-up of automotive processing facilities, featuring a range of press blanking lines from 150 tonnes to 600 tonnes, multistrand blanking lines, trapazoidal/radial blanking lines, a slitting line and a number of pack turners.

The site also houses a dedicated laser welding facility for production volumes of advanced, second generation, non-linear Nd:YAG (neodymium-yttrium aluminium garnet) laser-welded blanks.