Boost for Australian fuel research

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Australian research organisation CSIRO has been allocated £24.8m over four years to increase research into renewable and non-renewable natural resources which can produce low emission transport fuels.

Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions run at 43 per cent above the International Energy Agency average for developed countries per unit of GDP, of which 68 per cent are related to stationary energy and transport.

Under the Energy Transformed National Research Flagship, work will be expanded to include research related to the conversion of coal to liquids, gas to liquids, solar gas to liquids, bio-fuels and storage of high density natural gas for transport.

The work is designed to help secure Australia’s transport fuel future, which is coming under increasing pressure. It is predicted that by 2030 the country’s self-sufficiency in oil supplies will drop from 78 per cent to 49 per cent.

CSIRO’s National Research Flagships were launched in 2003 to address major challenges in areas such as energy, water and health and also opportunities for industry development and job creation.