Boosting broadband

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UK households that experience less than acceptable broadband internet speeds could potentially benefit from a simple filter developed by BT Wholesale.

The patent pending I-Plate filter works by isolating the interference created by electrical equipment in the home from bleeding over onto the bell wire, a third wire that runs alongside the pair of wires that carries the telephony and broadband signal.

The I-Plate itself must be fitted between the front and back plate of the master telephone socket. Once done, BT claims that customers should experience faster speeds, a more stable broadband connection and slight improvements in broadband performance over 'long lines'.

To be eligible for an I-Plate, customers need to have a BT NTE 5 master socket and extension wiring in their home. BT estimates that seven out of 10 UK homes have this type of master socket and home wiring, bringing the potential benefits of the I-Plate to around nine million households.

In a benchmark survey of 36,000 lines, BT found that filtered broadband lines typically showed a speed increase of up to 1.5Mb/sec, with some lines showing speed improvements of as much as 4Mb/sec.

Homes that are some distance from their telephone exchange may receive an improved service if they install the device, while others that were previously just beyond the reach of a broadband service may be able to recieve one.