Bradwell barriers removed

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A planning inspector appointed by the Government Department for Communities and Local Government has this week approved plans for a wind farm at Bradwell-On-Sea.

The decision follows a three-week public inquiry in June 2007, which heard evidence for and against the wind farm from the applicant npower renewables, Maldon District Council and local protest group BATTLE.

Development Manager at npower renewables Cath Stevenson said, ‘We are understandably delighted with this outcome. The very detailed evidence put forward during the public inquiry has shown that this is an ideal location for a modern wind farm which will produce clean renewable energy into the local electricity network.

‘There is an urgent need to tackle the causes of climate change and wind farms are the most commercially and technologically advanced renewable to meet the challenge. The wind farm at Bradwell will power on average between 8,100 and 10,600 local homes, helping reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we produce.’

The proposals will see ten wind turbines each with a rated capacity of between 1.5 and 2.5 megawatts and a maximum height of 121m constructed on farmland to the South of Bradwell-on-Sea.