Bristol Airport installs vertical-axis wind turbine

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A vertical-axis wind turbine has been successfully installed at Bristol Airport as part of a pilot project to trial the use of renewable energy on the site.

The installation of the Quiet Revolution qr5 was funded through an investment of £39,000 from the South West RDA (Regional Development Agency). It is located on the approach road to the terminal building.

At 20m in height, the wind turbine is shorter than lighting masts already in place across the airfield, ensuring it does not interfere with radar and airport safety systems. It began harnessing wind power earlier this month.

South Gloucestershire-based wind-turbine specialist Aeolus Power Wind Energy ran the project from site survey to installation.

Christine Griffiths, partner of Aeolus Power Wind Energy, said: ’When siting a wind turbine it is crucial to ensure that the site has sufficient wind and that the appropriate turbine is installed. The qr5 is ideal for Bristol Airport as it was specifically designed to work well in environments close to people and buildings.’

Aeolus Power Wind Energy has installed around 100 wind turbines across the UK for farmers, schools, businesses and communities, including the first 50kW wind turbine in Cornwall and the first in Scotland.