BT invests in fibre optics

Ian Livingston, the chief executive of BT, has announced a major expansion of his company’s fibre-optic investment programme.

Assuming an acceptable environment for investment, he said BT’s broadband programme could potentially be extended to make fibre available to around two-thirds of UK homes by 2015.

A total investment of around £2.5bn will be managed within BT’s current levels of capital expenditure. The company had previously undertaken to invest £1.5bn in getting fibre to around 40 per cent of UK homes in 2012.

The roll-out is already underway, with 4m homes due to have access to fibre broadband by the end of 2010.

BT also said it plans to invest a further £200m, mainly in the areas of fibre, enhancing its TV services, introducing other new consumer services and building on opportunities in BT Global Services, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.