Centre set to help companies adopt lean approaches

A new research centre has been established at Nottingham Trent University that will focus on improving efficiency in the design and construction sectors.

The Centre for Lean Projects (CLP@NTU) — which will help companies to adopt lean approaches to maximising value and minimising waste — is being spearheaded by the university’s School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment.

The researchers at the centre will also carry out blue-sky and exploratory research into lean project production, integrated project design and production processes, the management of complex or multiple projects and making the cultural shift to ‘lean’ in project-based organisations.

The CLP@NTU, which has some major construction clients and contractors supporting its work, will also deliver an MSc in lean project management and ‘Lean Learning Laboratories’ for team and organisational problem solving.

As well as representatives from academic schools across Nottingham Trent University, the centre is made up of researchers and partners from both industry and academia.