CERN and the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) have launched a new Business Incubation Centre (BIC) at the STFC’s Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus.

According to a statement, the centre will provide a new technology-transfer opportunity to bridge the gap between basic science and industry, supporting businesses and entrepreneurs in taking innovative technologies related to high-energy physics from technical concept to market reality.

‘CERN is committed to maximising the benefit to society of CERN technology through the development and exploitation of innovative ideas in all CERN’s areas of expertise,’ said Steve Myers, CERN’s director of accelerators and technology. ‘Our technologies are already available through schemes ranging from R&D partnerships to licences and consultancy. The CERN-STFC BIC provides a new route to market, and I hope it will be the first of many in our member states.’

The BIC will nurture innovative ideas based on technologies developed at CERN, with a direct contribution from CERN and in which CERN expertise could be brought to bear.

The collaboration between CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) and STFC follows the success of the STFC BIC located at STFC’s Harwell campus and run with the support of the European Space Agency. The centre supports entrepreneurs and high-tech start-up companies to translate space technologies, applications and services into viable non-space business ideas.

The CERN BIC will be managed by STFC Innovations Limited, the technology transfer office of STFC, which will provide benefits to the successful applicants such as accompanied two-day technical visits to CERN, and access to scientific, technical and business expertise provided by STFC and CERN.

In terms of financial support, successful applicants will receive a total funding of up to £40,000 (per company, conditional on SME status) provided by STFC.

The entrepreneurial support provided by STFC includes a dedicated business champion from STFC to help with business planning and provide guidance towards access to STFC’s facilities and expertise.