Coker deal for Foster Wheeler

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Aramco Services Company and Total France have awarded Foster Wheeler USA, part of the company’s Global Engineering and Construction Group, a contract for a process design package for a delayed coker.

The delayed coker is part of the Jubail Export Refinery, a full-conversion refinery designed to process Arabian heavy crude, to be built in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia. The delayed coker unit, one of the largest in the world, will be based on Foster Wheeler's leading Selective Yield Delayed Coking, or SYDEC, process.

The terms of the award, which was included in the company's fourth-quarter 2006 bookings, were not disclosed.

Foster Wheeler's SYDEC process is a thermal conversion process used by refiners to upgrade heavy residue feed and process it into high value transport fuels. The process achieves maximum clean liquid yields and minimum fuel coke yields from high sulphur residues.

Foster Wheeler has supplied its delayed coking process technology worldwide for over 80 new cokers and has worked on more than 70 delayed coker revamps.