Collaboration set to explore oil recovery enhancement

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Sciencesoft and Glasgow University’s School of Science and Engineering have won a £75,000 grant from the Technology Strategy Board to explore ways of boosting North Sea oil production.

The seven-month-long collaborative project will look at methods of enhancing oil recovery (EOR) using software that allows engineers to refocus on specific parts of mature fields.

The UK government has expressed a desire to see further work on maximising the returns from existing oil-producing fields in the North Sea.

The £75,000 grant was part of a £1m allocation made available in a competition open to UK-wide companies involved in oil and gas sector innovation.

Sciencesoft’s software products allow reservoir engineers to visualise and interpret oil and gas production and, in turn, make key performance decisions that improve output.

In a statement, Dr Lindsay Wood, Sciencesoft’s director of research and development, said: ‘We’ll be looking at constructing fine-scale visualisation models of EOR processes, from existing full-field simulation models, which will enable engineers to accurately target parts of existing oil fields and maximise further recovery.’

As a result of previous collaboration with Glasgow University, the company is currently sponsoring a PhD postgraduate in the Department of Computer Science. In addition, Sciencesoft is sponsoring physics undergraduates at Strathclyde University.