Combined effort

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GE Energy and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) have signed a final agreement to co-develop a next-generation steam turbine for use in gas turbine combined-cycle power plants.

The development of a new, advanced steam turbine is viewed by both companies as a key step in meeting customer requirements for increased combined-cycle efficiency and performance.

The new steam turbine will enter commercial service coupled with the GE Frame FB and the MHI G-class gas turbine products in the 50Hz segment of the global power generation market. These gas turbine models are typically used for combined-cycle power plants in the range 850-1,000MW.

‘Under the signed agreements, GE and MHI will share best practices and development activities to bring a next-generation, high-performance steam turbine to the combined-cycle market faster than either party could individually achieve,’ said Steve Bolze, president of GE Energy’s Power and Water business.

Much of the current demand for steam turbines is driven by the strong global interest in natural gas-fired, combined-cycle power generation.