Compact Linear Units KLE

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Item have introduced two new internally-guided belt-driven linear slides which are available in lengths up to 6m long. Based on extruded aluminium profiles of 60x60 and 80x80mm they eature 6mm and 8mm T-slots respectively for attaching additional components or integrating into more complex structures. These slim units have no finger-traps, the only moving part being a carriage plate no wider than the outer section, and the drive belt which covers the slot, effectively sealing it against dirt or dust ingress.

The bearing design consists of double-ball-bearing rollers running on 10mm or 14mm shafts respectively, allowing speeds of up to 10m/s. The specially constructed AT timing-belt produces an accuracy of +/-0.1mm, and has a fabric covering which, in combination with a stainless-steel backing strip on the return run, reduces noise and frictional losses.

Integration of limit switches is extremely simple: the moving carriage assembly has a contact plate which passes over inductive proximity switches. These switches are another specially designed product which fit into the grooves of the profile and their position can therefore be adjusted before finally clamping in position. Any cables can be hidden in the groove behind a cover profile and up to four switches can be incorporated into each slide.

Routine maintenance is very easy. Lubrication is effected by accessing the internal felt wipers from the side of the unit. Though normally not required after the initial setting, belt tensioning is achieved by adjusting a calibrated tensioning axle and the eccentric rollers are also easily accessible.

For mounting motors, bolt-on drive sets are available which incorporate couplings and motor-mounting plates. Also available are synchronising sets for use when running a parallel pair of slides together, the linking shaft being contained within a very neat cover where desired.

All parts required to build the KLE units are stocked in our factory in Ripley, Derbyshire. Bespoke units can therefore be built to tight lead times if necessary.

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