Complete Mobile Solution for 2D Code Reading

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Accurate Direct Park Mark 2D code reading just went mobile. Building on the huge success of the Cognex DataMan code reader, a new completely mobile 2D code reader has been launched by Fairfield Group Limited. Ideal for usage in the field, this compact solution is already proving a resounding success within the automotive, electronics and aerospace industries.
Customer Demand
As one of the leading providers of data mobility, consumables and packaging solutions to a number of industry sectors, Fairfield customers were requesting a more mobile solution to allow them continued reader accuracy but in the field. This would take them a step beyond Bluetooth technology and alleviate any ties they had with current wireless connection, which could not handle remote field usage.

Customers also wanted a high performance touch display to immediately view information decoded from 1D and 2D codes. “Customers want to be able to read codes and immediately see the information” commented Lee Wragg, Business Development Manager at Fairfield. ”They don’t want to have to carry a laptop around in the field, they need a portable read and view solution”.

The Solution
Combining a Cognex DataMan 7550 reader with a handheld PC from Socket, Fairfield wrote a bespoke software application ‘Data Wedge’ - the result was the SoMo 650™. The SoMo 650 is part of a complete mobile business system including a variety of peripheral devices for scanning 2D Direct Part Marks and RFID with a number of application specific connectivity options. The scanner accurately reads and stores vital data from each direct part marked item, allowing effective part analysis and easy replacement where required. Data from the code reader is stored on the PDA until the operator downloads the scanned information.

The Mobile Computer
The SoMo 650 is design for Business Mobility applications including:
• Sales force automation
• Inventory management
• Patient care
• Merchandising and asset management

The DataMan barcode scanner features:
• IDMax decoding for the highest reading yield on DPM codes
• UltraLight illumination provide optimal lighting for all mark types and surfaces
• Auto discrimination of both 1D and 2D codes
• Reads Dot Peen codes
• Reads Laser Marks
• Reads Inkjet codes
• Reads Chemical Etch codes
• Reads all 1D and 2D labels

High Performance
“Launched only a few weeks ago, we have already seen a high level of interest in this product as well as some key sales,” commented Lee Wragg. “We used the Cognex DataMan as it is quite simply the best product on the market and offers us market leading reader accuracy and flexibility, essential for our customers’ requirements.”

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