Umeco Composites, a division of Umeco, has split its operations into two subsidiaries: Process Materials and Structural Materials.

The international provider of supply-chain services and advanced composite materials believes this restructure will help it capture market opportunities for its different products.

Umeco Composites Process Materials (UCPM) will be headed by Tim Cooper, the former managing director of Aerovac Systems, and will comprise Richmond Aerovac, Med-Lab and the newly-acquired IPM in Italy.

Umeco Composites Structural Materials (UCSM) will be led by Jon Mabbitt, managing director of Advanced Composites Group, and includes JD Lincoln, GRPMS and Advanced Composites Group.

Umeco Composites claims that despite the global economic downturn, it is still grossing almost £200m in annual sales. The company asserted that it is continuing to see active markets and anticipates further organic growth.

Andrew Moss, chief operating officer at Umeco, said: ‘Our decision to restructure marks an exciting milestone for our composites division. These two subsidiaries, UCPM and UCSM, are to be headed by experienced entrepreneurial managers, who will ensure that our composites operations continue to deliver growth.

'The new structure will allow Umeco Composites to focus on innovative technology and growth in its product portfolios, continuing to provide customers with value-added services that capture new opportunities.'

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