Continental avionics contract for Rockwell Collins

Continental Airlines has selected a suite of avionics for 103 Boeing 737NG aircraft and two Boeing 777 aircraft from Rockwell Collins, one of the company’s largest orders from a US-based airline.

Rockwell Collins GLU-925 Multi-Mode Receiver (MMR) and HFS-900D High Frequency (HF) Data Radio are key features of the avionics package selected.

The GLU-925 MMR includes Local Area Augmentation System and GPS landing system (GLS) functionality in addition to Instrument Landing System (ILS) and Global Navigation Satellite System functionality. GLS offers precision approach capability to runways and airports not currently served by the traditional ILS.

The suite also includes Rockwell Collins’ HFS-900D Data Radio, a long-range data link system for fleets operating in oceanic, polar and remote land areas.

Other avionics included by Continental include a full range of sensors, weather radar and satellite communications.