Controlled purchase

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Curtiss-Wright Corporation has purchased Benshaw Advanced Controls and Drives for $102m in cash.

Roseland, New Jersey-based Curtiss-Wright Corporation has acquired the stock of Benshaw Advanced Controls and  Drives of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for approximately $102m in cash.

Benshaw is a developer and manufacture of motor control and protection product products for original equipment manufacturers and industrial customers. The company has an installed base of over 100,000 control units and has designed hundreds of custom systems.

Benshaw's customers are in the industrial HVAC market as well as the energy processing market, including petrochemicals, power generation, mining and transportation. Sales in 2006 were approximately $82m.

'The addition of Benshaw to Curtiss-Wright provides an opportunity to expand our product offerings in the commercial power, control electronics and systems markets,' said Curtiss-Wright Chairman and CEO Martin R. Benante. 'Benshaw's expertise in electronic motor control and protection technology will support our growth in high speed motors and pumps, as well as providing a manufacturing resource for future military applications.'

Founded in 1983, Benshaw employs approximately 410 people and is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with 9 locations in the US and two in Canada. The company will  become part of Curtiss-Wright's Flow Control business.