Countermeasure contract for BAE Systems

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The US Army has awarded BAE Systems two contracts totalling $54m to provide a multi-band laser technology upgrade for a laser-based missile countermeasure programme.

The multi-band laser (MBL) replaces an existing infrared jam laser and flash lamp subsystem of Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures/Common Missile Warning System (ATIRCM/CMWS). It is designed to protect helicopters by defeating infrared-seeking missiles.

BAE Systems will deliver four flight-worthy multi-band lasers to support ATIRCM operational test and evaluation. Concurrently, the company will deliver 12 laser units to support army testing and initial fielding of ATIRCM/CMWS.

According to BAE Systems, the upgrade improves reliability, reduces lifecycle cost for the ATIRCM/CMWS programme, and improves system performance.

ATIRCM/CMWS is a multi-band, laser-based countermeasures system that protects aircraft against heat-seeking missiles. The combined ATIRCM/CMWS suite evaluates the entire threat environment and selects the appropriate response to counter specific missile threats using an array of countermeasures.