Dassault Systems webinar to spotlight benefits of virtual twin technology

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Digital or virtual twinning technology that enables the creation of an exact real-time digital replica of a product is increasingly widely used across a range of engineering sectors.

In a special webinar hosted by The Engineer, taking place on Tuesday 16th June, one of the leaders in this field – Dassault Systèmes VP, Industry Consultants, Alan Prior - will be looking at some of the many business benefits of introducing a virtual twin approach.


Focussing on Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Prior will explore how virtual twinning can increase the effectiveness of the product development process, and lead to potentially huge gains in productivity, quality, time-to-market and cost-effectiveness.

Image: Chesky via stock.adobe.com

The webinar will explain how by breaking down data silos and aggregating and analysing legacy data on one platform, 3DEXPERIENCE enables users to analyse information within its complete context and create accurate virtual models for experimentation.

Prior will explain how the 3DEXPERIENCE twin can be used to design and simulate the manufacturing process that will be needed to produce the virtual asset and how, once the virtual asset is physically produced in real life, it can be used to mirror the behaviour of these real assets in virtual reality, enabling companies to compare their expected real-life behaviour with the simulated behaviours defined in the engineering phase.

3DEXPERIENCE Twin: A vision for unity in the virtual and real worlds

Tuesday 16th June, 3:00pm BST

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