Scotland's RRK Technologies is part of the team working with Raytheon to deliver a tactical paging solution to the US Navy


has been awarded a $5.2m contract by the

US Navy

to improve submarine communications with a tactical paging solution.

Raytheon’s Deep Siren system enables long range communication using acoustic, expendable buoys connected through the Global Information Grid. Buoys can be launched from multiple platforms providing increased flexibility but their range is dependent on environmental conditions.

‘Submarine communication protocols are much the same as they were 60 years ago,’ said Jerry Powlen, vice president of Raytheon's Network Centric Systems’ Integrated Communications Systems. ‘Integrating satellite communications with acoustic Deep Siren technology dramatically changes this paradigm by enabling a commander anywhere in the world to contact a submarine immediately regardless of the submarine’s depth or speed.’

Deep Siren is part of the US Navy's first generation of Undersea FORCEnet communications equipment. The technology is designed to provide real-time communications with submarines regardless of their operational profile, freeing them from a need to follow communication schedules.

RRK Technologies, Glasgow, Scotland, and Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, are also involved in delivery of the technology.