Definitive guide published for rotary sealing applications

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A new publication is proving an essential time-saving tool for engineers working on rotary sealing issues.

The new guide, from fluid sealing specialist James Walker, has been published in two parts and focuses on the company’s Walkersele® high-efficiency radial lip seals.

Part one covers the selection of the correct seal design and material combination to suit each specific rotary application. The highly detailed guide takes the user through operational parameters, performance, material compatibility, housing design and retention methods. This not only helps in accurate seal specification but is of great assistance in allowing housing and retention issues to be addressed at the design stage. With the ideal seal / housing / retention combination as an integral part of the design, operational problems can be eliminated.

Additional features within the new Walkersele guide include a detailed section on seal installation techniques, including James Walker’s patented OSJ® On-Site Joining technique, plus operational considerations for worn shafts, highly abrasive or corrosive environments, shaft and housing surfaces, and lubrication.

Range charts cover both standard metric and inch sizes for split and endless seal variants. This combines with part two of the guide — the Walkersele Mould List — which presents details of over 4500 Walkerseles for which tooling is held, including a range of large diameter TBMS tunnel boring machine seals.

“Using this new publication will speed up the whole ordering and delivery process for customers, whether they require a product from our standard mould list or are creating specifications for a custom seal,” comments James Walker & Co product streams operations director Geoff Teasdale. “New tooling for non-standard sizes can be in-house designed and manufactured within days and by using our new guide, customers will be confident that they are specifying the best possible solution for their rotary sealing application.”

The two-part Walkersele Guide can be downloaded in PDF format or a hard copy of Part One ordered directly from the company’s website at .

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