DeltaRail trials XDM with First ScotRail

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DeltaRail has won a contract with First ScotRail for the trial of its recently developed XDM data analysis tool.

The XDM hardware and built-in proprietary software is said to improve the interface between the On Train Monitoring Recorder (OTMR) and the end user.

XDM constitutes an on-board unit to collect the data streams and a shore-based Oracle database for storage of information. Examples of information that can be recorded include OTMR data, low adhesion data, and Train Management System data. DeltaRail claims XDM has the capacity to manage more data streams as they come online.

In addition to processing data from the train, XDM’s technology reportedly delivers daily reports on a range of asset maintenance and driver management information, which can then be transmitted to the user. Having access to this information on a more regular basis will allow First ScotRail to respond to irregularities more quickly, potentially improving train performance and reducing maintenance costs.

XDM was developed at DeltaRail’s Rail Research and Development Department in Glengarnock, Ayrshire, and will initially be trialled on five First ScotRail’s Class 334 electric multiple units. The contract was awarded following a feasibility study, which was completed six months ago.

Alex Brain, Site Manager at DeltaRail, Glengarnock, commented: ‘We are pleased to see our Research and Development Department delivering such results. This technology marks a step change in the way existing journey information is managed and will potentially improve the performance of the fleet. It may also help to reduce the cost of maintenance for our partners First ScotRail.’